We’ve sprung a leak

The thing about owning a Rover is… its always something.

One week it is the brakes, and the next it is the fuel filter and the next it is the over drive and then its the shocks and then you’re on your back fixing the starter and then its the grease and bolts and nuts and trim…and the leaks… have you seen my parking spot? It looks like the Exxon Valdez ran aground in Richmond Virginia.

This is what it is all about. Some people play chess, and some do crosswords and others assemble little ships in impossibly small bottles. For me, it is working on the Rover. But it wasn’t always that way.

Sure, there have been some frustrations. I refer you, dear reader, to not only every post on this blog but the poignent lack of posts over the last few months. In fact, for your reference here is everything you missed:

  • busted starter – turns out the mid-1980′s engine I have was only made for 4 years and sold in the UK only. Starter from the UK was hard to source but surprisingly cheap.
  • fuel filter – apparently these are important. And apparently those little glass cups require a snug fit. And apparently getting them to fit again is really a challenge. Unless….unless you have a beer bottle cap. Troegs Nugget Nectar to be exact. Perfect fit.
  • MAR – the Mid Atlantic Rally Screen shot 2010-11-18 at 9.36.23 PM
    eriously, this is what it’s about – 500 rovers, fall weather, mud, dogs, trucks… is there anything better? Susan and I had a blast. We started out pretty timid. After hitting the “green” trails, we spent one morning using the new winch pulling out all manor of stuck Rovers. You’ve never truly tested a series frame until you’ve tied two rangies to the back and pulled defenders out of the mud. After that, we got up some courage and conquered the red trails. Who knew, series Rovers are smaller, lighter and geared right for some serious off road action.
  • Speaking of the wench – how awesome is that!!
  • Which brings us to camping we’re into it. Like really loving it. Susan and I pack up the Rover and head out into the national forest. There is something iconic about a Rover loaded down with gear and a dog, trekking through the woods.
  • The fuel tank after all the camping and this year’s MAR, I took the Rover to the local pressure  wash-it-yourself carwash. About 24 hours later, the tank started gushing gas. Apparently I disturbed the delicate balance of mud and rust that was holding the tank together…. if all goes well, the new tank will be in this week.
  • Awesome article....Thanks for sharing the reasons of leakage in engine..Most probably people don't care about these and thus cause a fire in their vehicle..I hope after reading this article many will take care to avoid it.

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