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We’ve sprung a leak

The thing about owning a Rover is… its always something. One week it is the brakes, and the next it is the fuel filter and the next it is the over drive and then its the shocks and then you’re on your back fixing the starter and then its the grease and bolts and nuts [...]

A non-starter

Originally uploaded by NickDawson See those reduction gears? No you dont…and thats the problem.

something broke, what a shock!

Just a quick update – and apology since it has been a while…. The Rover is still purring like a kitten and it motors around town pretty well for a 36 year old – thats senior citizen in the SUV world. In fact, it was doing so well that I took it on a road [...]

On safari in The Fan

On safari in The Fan Originally uploaded by NickDawson

Hard top weather

Seriously an all day job, but the rover is ready for winter Originally uploaded by NickDawson Its that time of year – the hard top is back on and the Rover is getting ready for winter. I had hoped to refinish the hard top before winter, however timing got away from me. Its nice to [...]

MAR 2009 video

The MAR – Mid Atlantic Rover Rally 2009

What happens when you gather two hundred Land Rover enthusiasts on a 1,000 acre farm in Virginia? Roavstock , that’s what! Susan and I got lucky – my 1973 Series III Land Rover left the rover hospital just in time to make the 2009 MAR. We spent all Saturday (its a 4 day event for [...]

Mid Atlant Rally 2009

LanRvr Originally uploaded by NickDawson We are just back from the MAR – great event! You can see all of my pictures here on Flickr.

Guess what’s back in Richmond?

The Rover is back! Just a quick update: New brakes engine timed new points new plugs Looking forward to the Mid Atlantic Rally this weekend – will you be there?

To the rover hospital

to the rover hospital Originally uploaded by NickDawson