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call me Sisyphus

IMG_0488 Originally uploaded by NickDawson Much like the iconic Greek figure, the Land Rover has not made much progress, despite the toiling. The learn-as-you-go process is as frustrating as it is rewarding. Every night brings a new discovery about how engines work. At the same time I have to consider the big picture. Can I [...]

Gimme a break (and a better punny title)

Someone remind me that this is what I signed up for? The past few weeks have seen some interesting developments with the Land Rover. A cacophony of aliments beset the poor series III after a trip to the James River. My guess is that these faults are not tied together mechanically, but through my purchase [...]

moving or standing still, it doesnt matter

Theres not much else like it. It does not matter if we are on the move heading to the farmers market or sitting in the front of the house tinkering – people love to say hi. If you are here, you might have been one of them (leave a comment why don’t ya!). The last [...]